Wirex adds Litecoin

About a week ago, Wirex announced full Litecoin integration, with its new Wirex Litecoin wallet, users can now use Litecoin directly to make payments.

The Wirex Litecoin wallet will allow customers to buy LTC directly by bank transfer or credit card. Users will also be able to deposit altcoins to LTC, making it easier to “cash out” investments from altcoins.

Wirex is the first and only payment processor in Europe allowing users to spend cash from Bitcoin and Litecoin from its card. Wirex offers trading by EUR, Bitcoin, GBP and USD, and the debit card is currently accepted by over 40 million merchants in over 200 countries. The card will be available in EEA from May.

In the Wirex announcement Litecoin is described as faster and cheaper then Bitcoin, and declares that “could become a global payment option available on dozens of big brand websites over the coming months.”

Litecoin is currently standing strong on the market, 6th in market cap, 9.6 billion USD, and the price of one LTC is 171.21 USD. The last couple of weeks LTC have been climbing steady.

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