How to avoid crypto scams

As with with any scam, it takes very hard on one. We are here to help and to give you our best tips on how to avoid getting scammed. 


Emails pretending to be from a company or a person that you trust, an exchange for example. We recommend you to never click on any link, instead you should always go to the exchange site first, login and be sure to use 2FA.

Pump and Dump Group

These group are trying to manipulate the market, don’t get caught holding a big bag of coins after organizers have made their profit of a pump and dump. Our best tip would be to avoid these group completely.

Fake ICOs

As we have already mentioned in our beginners guide researching about new coins are very important. Since it’s very easy to write a white paper, make sure to do a good research. Go through everything, the team, their profiles, the roadmap and their socialmedia.

Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes

These kind of scams usually involves lending/staking programs and encourage reinvesting profits. If the profit return are to good to be true, then stay out.

These are some basic scams that are out there. Remember, if something is to good to be true, then it is. 

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