Few women are trading with cryptocurrency

Few women are trading with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Only 8.5 percent of those shopping with cryptocurrencies are women, according to a survey made by eToro.

Etoro has conducted a survey among its users to find out who it really is dealing with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It turns out that only 8.5% of those who invest in cryptocurrencies are women. What men and women choose to invest in do not differ very much between the genders, but men seem to be more likely to invest in ripple, while women are more likely to invest in ethereum classic, bitcoin cash and litecoin. Looking at the inclination to invest in bitcoin, it is quite even between the genders.

Overall, the majority investing in crypto are beginners. 81.96% is estimated at beginner level, 10.66% on average and only 7.38% can be said to be on an advanced level with a lot of experience in trading.

The entire survey is available to read here, but another interesting aspect is that bitcoin cash is the crypto currency Etoros investor has lost the most. The losses are certainly just under 4% on average, but compared to the other cryptocurrencies Etoro offers, these losses are high. The cryptocurrency Etoros users have earned most of is Ripple and Ethereum.


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